FAQs About Falling Furniture and Furniture Tip-overs

FAQs About Falling Furniture and Furniture Tip-overs

My furniture is a high-end, well-made expensive piece from a very reputable furniture store. Can it still tip?

YES. Very definitely yes. Any and every piece of freestanding furniture, a large appliance or a television set, including flat panels, can tip over. For furniture, all it takes is for a child to pull on, or stand in an open drawer, or on a shelf to cause it to tip and fall. Furniture includes but is not limited to: bedroom furniture, dressers, bookcases, armoires, TV stands and dining room furniture. No matter how small the child is, assume they can generate the force to tip the piece over. Even if the furniture is low to the ground it can tip over with devastating effects.

All freestanding furniture pieces, large appliances or television sets need to be properly secured to the wall regardless of size. Properly securing furniture to a wall means attaching one end of an anti-tip kit to a stud and the other end to the frame of the furniture. Preferably, you want to attach that end to the underside of the top of the piece. If the furniture is not secured when a child opens a drawer and pulls on it or stands in it, the furniture could become a front-heavy torpedo. The innocent, unsuspecting child could become a victim of that torpedo. Do I need to fill in the rest of that story? Protect your children, properly secure all free-standing furniture.


When using an anti-tip kit, do I need to secure my furniture directly into a stud in the wall or will securing it into drywall be sufficient?

Assume that neither sheetrock nor drywall is strong enough to withstand the possible torpedo-like fall that an unsecured piece of furniture or television may cause. The studs in your walls are built to hold the wall and roof of a home. All furniture, large appliances or television sets must be properly secured to a stud in the wall. Additionally, remember that unless you secure the anti-tip kit or anti-tip device onto the furniture, appliance or television set you are still at risk.


 My television is extremely heavy and I need my husband to move it when I clean. I don’t think my child is strong enough to tip a TV; am I wrong?

You are completely wrong! Too many times televisions are placed on stands which are inappropriately sized for the television. That makes the stand inherently unstable. Any sudden movement can cause the television stand to crash forward, and it will crash forward with a lot of force. If you have an LCD or Plasma flat panel and cannot properly anchor it to a wall, then make sure that television is placed on a flat panel stand that is appropriate for its size.

TV Stands should be very low to the ground and the television should be pushed as far back as possible on the stand. Both the stand and television must be properly secured to a stud in the wall with an anti-tip kit.


Don’t place a television of any type on top of a dresser.

Don’t place items on top of a TV which could tempt a child to climb up to reach or grab them, especially toys.


My children are older and out of the climbing age.  They sit on the floor now and play video games in front of the television. They’re safe, right?

Wrong. Many deaths have resulted from older children sitting in front of the TV playing video games. Many older television sets are front heavy. Any slight movement, whether changing a game, turning it on or off or the excited kick from a child could easily result in both the stand and television crashing forward onto the child.

If you are unable to secure a flat screen directly to a stud in your wall, then push the television as far back as possible on its stand. Make sure the flat panel stand is low to the ground and appropriate for the size of the television. Properly secure the TV to the stand and then secure the stand to a stud in …

Home Furniture Selection Tips

Home Furniture Selection Tips

The variety of home furniture in the market is so huge that customers are easily confused over what to go for. Furniture size, colour, type and more need to be put into consideration and the room that the furniture would eventually reside in coupled with the residents of the house need to be kept in mind before making your selection.

The first question you would need to ask yourself is whether you have little kids at home. If you do, then it would influence the make of furniture you might go for. Furniture like fabric sofas, and glass coffee tables should be the last option as kids may spill stuff on the sofa that makes it difficult to clean up. Glass furniture are easy to break and may be injurious to kids.

Next, you need to take the size of your home into consideration. If space within your home is a constrain, you would be better of with lighter coloured furniture and furnishings and small to medium sized furniture. However, if space is not an issue and you have spacious rooms, consider darker furniture of good sizes to accommodate residents so that your home does not look too vacant.

Leather sofas and other furniture made from leather are easy to clean but mostly do not come cheap. Alternatives often are PVC furniture or Faux Leather furniture. Solid wood furniture also make a good addition and might come painted in various colours adding to the look and charm of your room.

Armed with the above basics, you can now go for your next furniture shopping and be spoilt for choice. At least, now you know what to avoid and what to buy.…

Revamping Your Home Part 1

Revamping Your Home Part 1

Revamping your old upholstered furniture is not a difficult task to undertake and will make all the difference to your home. Some things to take into consideration is the space, a lot of people do not think about this but they should, that is, how the temperature of the space is, if you are going to use a vinyl, leather touch or other type of leather, in cold weather it will be cold to the touch which in winter months can be uncomfortable. Besides that you should also consider the flow of the space, if the space is too small it may cause friction when people or things go past it, that can result in shaving on certain places that are exposed, when choosing fabric it is worthy to consider scotch guarding it, to preserve the fabric longer and obviously make it easier to clean. A synthetic leather is easier to clean when it is dirty, but does have some draw back’s as mentioned previously.

The other things to consider when revamping your old upholstered furniture are the colour combinations and whether you will use fabrics that have patterns on them. Mixing and matching different colours to make the space warm, lively, comfortable and homely is as simple as visiting a few fabric stores in your area and spend some time going through their ranges. At the end of the day what you use to revamp your upholstered furniture depends on you and what you like, consider all options then make an informed decision, you going to have to live with it no one else, so take your time to choose wisely, rather get a good quality high rub factor fabric than something that looks nice and is cheap, but wont last.

You should never consider a fabric that does not have a backing for your sofa’s or chair’s, as the friction between the foam and the fabric will wear the fabric down on the seat, back and arm rest. When using leather it is good to use a layer of dacron between each serface to prevent the leather wearing through. These day’s you can purchase a good spray on scotch gaurd that you can use on your fabric’s to protect them, your nearest furniture store should stock them. The rub factor as mentioned above is the rubs that the fabric can handle before it starts to wear through, generally a rub factor below 20 000 is not very good and a rub factor 30 000 and up is better quality, a rub factor of 60 000 plus would under normal conditions last a good time. In the next articles we will explore upholstered furinture a bit more…

Define Your Home With Amish Handcrafted Furniture

Define Your Home With Amish Handcrafted Furniture

The furniture you buy for your home speaks volumes about the kind of home you have, and Amish handcrafted furniture can be the focal point of each and every one of your rooms. Everyone has a different concept of “home”. Do you visualize stylish rooms with matching wood furniture, with angular cuts that will stand out to your guests? Or is your idea of home more of cozy retreat from the outside world, with comfortable-looking furniture flush with throw blankets and thick cushions? Maybe your idea of your perfect home includes a eclectic grouping of furniture styles for every room, to add variety to the household.

No matter what feel you have in mind for each of the rooms in your home, Amish handcrafted furniture offers the diversity in style, color and design to furnish any and every home with pieces that will last a lifetime.

The Amish Difference The 100% hand worked craftsmanship of Amish handcrafted furniture is one of the vital details that makes it a furniture type like no other. Taking the time to shape, sand and stain each and every aspect of every table, chair, sofa, hutch, or bed gives the craftsmen the time they need to be sure that each square inch deserves the loving attention it deserves.

They know that anyone interested in buying Amish handcrafted furniture is looking for an amazing piece to enhance the feeling of their home, with the guaranteed quality and attention to detail that has come to be expected from any piece of Amish handcrafted furniture. Each and every piece is created with hardwoods, like red oak, cherry, maple, quarter sawn white oak, hickory and brown maple to ensure that they are not only beautiful additions to your home, but will stand the test of time to be part of your family heirlooms for generations to come.

Choose Wisely When selecting a piece or set of Amish handcrafted furniture to your home, it’s important to think about the function that piece will serve. Are you looking for a center piece for a room? Or do you need a uniquely sized table or chair to fit into a cozy nook in a bedroom, kitchen or living room? Customizable in size, shape, color and wood type, your selected piece of Amish handcrafted furniture can be made into exactly what you need it to be – the perfect addition to your home.…

5 Uncommon Cases Where You May Choose To Buy Wicker Furniture Wholesale

5 Uncommon Cases Where You May Choose To Buy Wicker Furniture Wholesale

Wicker with its expertly spun craftsmanship and lightweight yet sturdy materials easily wins over millions of furniture buyers each year. There are many reasons why someone might want it in their home, with the most likely being that it simply creates a natural, timeless and breezy environment that the homeowner or apartment dweller can be proud of. However, there are also many other uses that you may not have immediately thought of. These uses include the following five options:

Going into business for your self. Buying wicker furniture wholesale is popular for those looking to start their own businesses in the furniture industry. Not only is the product one of the most popular in the industry, it is also easy to store and sell. The more of it you buy, the better your chances of increasing profit margins and achieving riches or at the very least financial independence while providing a product that comes across like a service to those who purchase from you.

Making a donation to the poor. There are so many people in the world who suffer the abominable fate of not having anywhere comfortable and relaxing to sit. When it’s all a person can do to keep the roof over his and his family’s head, the idea of springing for a brand new papisan chair or a full wicker dining set does not enter into the equation. Wicker makes for a great donation, and according to current tax laws, it will make a nice gift to your final tax judgment at the end of the year.

Supporting public education and literacy. Public education and literacy are two areas that really need help. Children need a place where they can take the intimidation out of reading. Doing so for enjoyment leads to more literate students and a healthier future for tomorrow. But too many kids look at reading as a chore, and that is often because of the type of environment they are forced to do so in. Of course kids won’t enjoy reading in their unforgiving desks while their grades are on the line. Give them the environment, and their response can change the world.

Supplying presents for those closest to you in their special occasions. Every newlywed or new home owner appreciates having to buy less furniture to fill out their homes. Why not choose wicker as a gift to friends and family? Buying wholesale will get you a much better deal and take care of your obligations for the entire year and beyond.

Stocking up for the decor of your home, office, or church. These locations can all be stressful to the inhabitor. Set the right environment and avoid the stress that turns you off of them.…

Give a New Look to Your Bedroom With Modern Bedroom Furniture

Give a New Look to Your Bedroom With Modern Bedroom Furniture

A bedroom is not complete without splendid and comfortable furniture. The bedroom sets consist of handmade beds, dressers, armoires, chests, and night stands. They come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes. These beautiful furniture sets make your bedroom look gorgeous. There is still a huge selection of bedroom furnishing sets for you to choose from.

The bedroom furnishing comes in different colours such as white, cream, wooden and natural. The beds are available in twin, double, queen or king sizes.

A beautiful bedroom can only be completed by its beautiful and eye catching furniture range. It is believed that elegant looking furniture adds a gorgeous effect to your bedroom. People like to customize their bedrooms with lovely beds, cupboards and chairs.

This furniture range offers a natural and graceful look to your bedroom. When you are opting to purchase furniture, make sure that the furniture goes well with the theme of your bedroom. So, are you planning to make an antique theme for your bedroom, you should stay ready to spend a handsome amount of money.

When it comes to choosing quality furniture for bedroom, one must take account of the bedroom design and personal taste. This helps achieve desired results for a dream bedroom. It is observed that bedroom furniture such as cupboards, beds and drawers can be customized for giving a more moderate look. When you go for buying bedroom furnishing, do ensure that it offers a real and sober feel to your bedroom.

Choosing simple colours for your furniture help in creating a soothing and comforting ambiance. These days, companies offer a wide range of furniture for bedroom that suits the customers. Many people feel that this charming and beautiful furniture range inculcates a feeling of togetherness among people who live there.

There are numerous types of bedroom furniture available in the market nowadays. Customers can actually make their choice from a wide array of available furniture for their bedroom. Over the years, a blanket box has been a good piece of furniture. It is made up of solid tulip wood and usually comes in clean painted finishing. The pricing of this piece of furniture is quite cost effective and they are best suited for any bedroom settings.

Wardrobe is an important bedroom entity and it helps in adding charm to the bedroom decorum. Usually, wardrobes come with a graceful clean painted finish. Also, these wardrobes have enough space and one can easily accommodate various things with great ease.

A bedstead is also considered as a good purchase for any bedroom. This is certainly a centre of attraction for onlookers. It is found that a nice bedstead has all notable attributes such as style, design, comfort and beauty. When bedsteads are integrated with modern designs and heart throbbing colours, it splendidly highlights the interior beauty of any bedroom.…

Which floor is better in the kitchen: a comparative review of 7 flooring options

Choosing a kitchen floor covering for the uninformed can be a daunting task. It is more important to give preference not so much to beauty as to practicality. And if possible, combine these two parameters. We invite you to deal with the flooring for the kitchen. Ideal floors in this room should be moisture resistant, easy to clean from household and food contaminants (fruit juices, wine, fat, etc.), have a durable surface, be decorative and fit into the overall design of the apartment (house). Many modern floor coverings meet these parameters in one way or another. Let’s pay attention to the most suitable options, as well as analyze their advantages and disadvantages during operation. Then you can decide for yourself which flooring is best for your kitch

Linoleum – a coating you can trust. Perhaps most often, the floor in kitchens is covered with linoleum flooring. This material is resistant to abrasion, is not afraid of moisture and hot steam, it is easy to clean, it is unlikely that a trace will remain on it after a heavy object falls. Linoleum is characterized by a low price, as well as a straightforward installation method that you can master yourself. In addition, linoleum, thanks to its huge assortment, allows for a variety of design ideas. It can be either a plain floor covering or an imitation of various more expensive materials: tiles, parquet, stone, metal.

The disadvantage of linoleum can be attributed to the formation of dents in the location of heavy furniture (refrigerator, cabinets, etc.). However, if furniture is installed in your kitchen “for centuries” and you are not going to move it, then you should not worry about the presence of dents – you will only learn about their existence when replacing the floor covering.

Ceramic tiles – the apotheosis of practicality Ceramic tiles have a durable surface that is characterized by a long-lasting color, is not subject to abrasion and does not interact with household chemicals. The tile flooring will not react to excess moisture or even flooding by neighbors. Modern tiles are very decorative and allow you to decorate your kitchen floor space in a variety of styles. Recently, tiles have become very fashionable, copying various “noble” materials: valuable wood, natural leather, precious metals, marble or other expensive stone. For the kitchen, it is better to choose tiles with a matte or even embossed surface that can save you from falling, for example, if you spill liquid on the floor.

Unfortunately, along with the advantages, tiled flooring has disadvantages. If a heavy object, especially metal, falls on the tile, there is a high probability that a crack will remain on the ceramic surface. In this case, to restore the decorative effect of the floor, the broken tiles will have to be replaced. Another disadvantage of tiles is the cold surface, which is a controversial pleasure to walk on barefoot, especially in winter. This problem can be solved by laying a rug on the tiles, or by installing a warm floor system under the ceramic surface.

Wooden floors – a symbol of nobility In the kitchen, a wooden floor speaks volumes about the good taste and well-being of its owner. Most often, we associate such a floor with parquet, but besides it there is one more fashionable material nowadays – wooden tiles, made in the form of tiles of various shapes and sizes.

When choosing flooring made of wood, you should give preference to hardwoods – they are more durable and durable. If you come across a parquet (tile) made of thermowood, take it without hesitation. Aged at high temperatures, wood is freed from all its shortcomings. It does not absorb, but repels water, does not shrink and does not swell, does not warp. At any temperature and any humidity in the kitchen, the thermowood parquet will not lose its appearance and properties.

Laminate – parquet from fiberboard (chipboard) Laminate is often used for kitchen flooring as a natural but cheaper substitute for parquet. The basis of the laminate is made of chipboard or fiberboard, on top of which paper with the desired pattern is glued. Usually, this pattern imitates wood and of any species, including valuable

Selecting Proper Workplace Furniture

Selecting Proper Workplace Furniture

Every workplace needs appropriate furniture to make it a truly productive working area. After all, you and your colleagues are likely to spend a good deal of time using these furnishings. And, the wrong furniture choice is not only a waste of money but could also be pretty uncomfortable to use. So, you must practice caution when opting for workplace furniture to ensure that it’s proper for your office space.

Space is one of the key aspects that needs to be taken into account ahead of buying workplace furniture. Any furnishings that you select should be easily fitted into your workplace space. Purchasing stuff that doesn’t leave you enough room to walk around should be strictly avoided. There should also be enough room for you to open cabinets and drawers without suffering from space constraints.

Select furniture as per all round theme of your place of work. Don’t make the error of blindly following style and looks and end up buying furniture that does not gel well with your office ambience. For example, having bean bags and caf?� style chairs in a law firm makes no sense. Rather traditional furniture with oak finish is best fitted to a law firm. If your company deals in toy robots, you could consider choosing for stylish furniture having a futuristic touch.

While selecting workplace furniture, try to opt for ones which offer more utility. Multi purpose furnishings are conveniently available at most furniture markets. For instance, you will readily find tables that double as cabinets as well as computer stands that might be used as book shelves etc. These pieces of furniture are both- cost effective and allow you to stack many more items apart from the common office fare. You could even store your favorite weight loss supplement like Dietrine Carb Blocker in them.

Keeping your future needs in view is also critical when looking for office furniture. Like every other business, you too may want to grow. In case of expansion, will your existing furniture be able to serve the purpose? Take into account how well your furniture may be used in an expanded layout. You might have more girls in office, who may want to store their fave skin care products like Clear pores Skin Cleansing System along with office files.

Yet another factor of consideration is your pocket. No matter to what extent you like a particular furniture piece, you cannot think to purchase it for your office, if you do not have the right budget. Keep your budget in mind and opt for furniture which could fit the bill for you.

With the proper office furniture, not only will you be making best use of your workplace space, but will also boost your general productivity.…

Custom Made Furniture – Getting the Right Stuff For Your Bedroom

Custom Made Furniture – Getting the Right Stuff For Your Bedroom

The bedroom is a place where you spend your time the most. It is like a heaven and should be given more importance than any other room. If you choose furniture for your room wisely, you can give character and personality to your room. Off course it is hard to get the exact sort of furniture for your room and is even harder if you go out and buy it from the local market. So, life is a little easy by choosing custom made furniture where you can make huge difference by utilizing the space and storage.

Basic Design (what you really need in your bedroom): This really depends on how you take your room as or how your use it. If you take it as a place only to sleep than a bed would be more than enough but if you want to make your bedroom a living heaven than a lot is to be done. You can design your own T.V cabinet that suites your requirements. Stylish cabinets for hanging clothes. All these can be done by hiring a good bespoke furniture company that will analyze your room and will guide you what you really need in your room. Also, before ordering anything for your room, make a list of the things you really need and then work on it.

Do you really need to stuff your bedroom with everything: This really depends on the size of your bedroom. Some people have huge bedroom and can accommodate any furniture choice they make. But in reality you need to plan it practically so that your room does not get over crowded with furniture and does not gives a claustrophobic effect. Before adding anything, analyze the dimension of your room and the best way to decorate your bedroom is by taking advice from bespoke furniture. At times, we make silly decision by buying huge expensive antique cabinets which don’t even fit in the room. So get what you really want and suite you well.

Be more practical: Always think space and storage and what is practical. For example, if you don’t have much space it is better to get a good sized cabinet instead of having a king size dressing table.…

Go Crazy With Your Victorian Dollhouse Furniture Thanks to the Eclectic Style

Go Crazy With Your Victorian Dollhouse Furniture Thanks to the Eclectic Style

The great thing about having a dollhouse is that you can do with it whatever you want. It is your hobby and your home to put whatever colors, furniture or style you desire. This is precisely what makes Victorian such a popular option because of the highly eclectic style is possesses. In order to help you better understand how to shop for Victorian dollhouse furniture it is important you know a little bit about the era.

The Victorian era was a time with fancy houses, gorgeous furnishings and elaborate clothing. There was nothing dull about this time as people went all out with everything they did. For this reason, this era is quite popular amongst dollhouse collectors as they have the ability to do just about whatever they would like with the house.

This style originated in the 1830’s when Rococo style was popular in furniture and porcelain design. This era was known for its lightness, delicacy and elaborate designs. Everything about the Victorian age was decorative and classy in all forms. 

What characterized this era most was how eclectic people’s homes were. Every room seemed to be decorated in a different style and different form from one another. As a collector, this is perfect as it allows you to have fun with the concept and decorate each room a different color or use a different theme.

There really are no limits when designing this style of home. The more variety you have with your Victorian dollhouse furniture the better. Not only is it entertaining and enjoyable to design however you want, it is also rather easy.

As oppose to having to plan out how you want each room from the start, you can kind of go with the flow. The only real rule you must stand by is that each piece in the home consists of the style or make that was used in this period of time. Other than that, you can mix and match and throw things in the home as you go along.

If that were not enough, what really makes this style easy is that most kinds of dollhouse furniture is Victorian. It is not difficult to come by furniture for this type of a home. You will have a wide variety of options to choose from as you begin shopping for your dollhouse.

Victorian dollhouse furniture is diverse and free. There is no limit as to what you can do with the home which makes it fun, easy and rather entertaining every step of the way.…

Five Compelling Reasons Why You Need Lawn Care Services

Maintaining a lawn in the right shape is never easy. To have a healthy lawn, is everyone’s desire, but doing it the right way can be a nightmare especially if you don’t have the skills. To help save the situation, consider hiring a lawn service provider that will undertake the task effectively. Here are some of the reasons to work with professional lawn services.


Regular Care of the Lawn


Having a well-kept lawn is not achievable for a homeowner who is always busy with other important duties. To help you maintain a regular lawn care, seek professional services to help do the duties on your behalf. The lawn will be under regular checking and maintenance; this will help have a well-groomed lawn. The service providers will also do more thorough work than when it is a DIY. They will do weeds and clean the pathways, which is not easy for an individual to do after the tiring job.


Lawn Companies are Experts


Experts in each field know what they are doing. When a lawn care service provider attends to a particular garden, it will have a different appearance from that which is attended on by a homeowner. The appearance is possible because the servicing company knows how to handle the lawn machines, know which machines are suitable for each lawn type, and the chemicals essential in their growth. When an expert handles it, the results are always satisfying. Lawn care services in New Jersey consist of experts who can design, care, and maintain it in perfect shape.


Lawn Care Services Reduce Costs


To help understand this, think of the cost of buying a lawn machine, the chemicals, and other essentials used in taking care of the lawn? For an individual to do the mowing there must be existing chemicals and machines to use.


With no available products and machines, working with a care service will reduce this cost, given that care companies charge an all-inclusive pay reducing the costs. Contracting professional care will enable you to buy effective products in the lawn garden and avoid spending on products that are not useful.


Lawn Care Companies Take Liability Charges


A well-established company offering lawn care services in New Jersey should have insurance and a license to operate. If a company is helping in taking care of the lawn, they must store chemicals they use, look into how they apply chemicals and the after use disposal.


In case there arises an improper use or an accident occurs due to improper disposal, the company’s insurance should cover for all the resulting damages. Letting the insurance company take care of the damages will save the homeowner, but the care company will not suffer such expenses. Also, when the lawn gets damaged while under the care of a care company, it will bind them to work on it afresh if this was part of the contract.




When you hire lawn services providers to work on the lawn, you save yourself time that you can use running other important errands. Doing it yourself will mean you’ll spend time looking for the chemicals in different shops because finding them is not easy. Don’t mention the time you’ll spend doing intensive research to help understand the things you need to do for the lawns to be in perfect shape. Don’t forget the lawn requires regular trimming meaning the extra free time will be to work on the lawn.


Understanding the reasons why lawn care service is better in taking care of the garden lawn will be useful in saving time and money. Professional care also means the lawn be regularly checked and gives the lawn an expert touch making it grow in perfect shape.