Outdoor Metal Patio Seating at Coffee Shops

Outdoor Metal Patio Seating at Coffee Shops

If you own a small coffee shop or restaurant, and you can get the local planning commission to allow you to put tables and chairs outside, that makes a lot of sense. Now then the question is what type of tables and chairs should you put out for people to sit on? It does matter, because it affects the ambience of the customer who you are trying to pull in. Let’s stop and talk about coffee shops and outdoor patio seating for a moment.

Out in California, Starbucks has gone to metal outdoor seating because it is easier to clean, and it doesn’t stain from people who spill Frappachinos, or their lattes on the furniture. Also, it is easier to lock everything up and chain it together at night, without ruining it. Further they have found furniture which is powder-coated in a dark gunmetal gray.

There is a challenge with this however, and that is in the very hot regions of our country in places like Florida, New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, and the deserts of California in the summertime the outdoor patio furniture is too hot to sit on especially when everyone is wearing shorts, bathing suit tops, or thin T-shirts. This means that people get their skin burned, and even if the patio furniture is not too hot, it looks like it is, so therefore they don’t sit down. Thus, it defeats the purpose.

If they were to use wood furniture, it would be hard to clean, it would stain and the birds would do their thing onto it, thus making it uninviting to sit on. If you own a small coffee shop, or a restaurant, and wish to put outdoor patio seating, you need to be thinking along these lines so you don’t make a mistake, that your furniture is comfortable enough for people to come and sit down on, and that the ambience is just right. And of course you need to get a good price.

What I suggest you do first is to go online and look up patio furniture. Use a color printer and print out the furniture you like best, and then stand outside of your restaurant or coffee shop in the parking lot perhaps, and hold up the furniture picture that you’ve chosen with your store in the background. See if it matches the ambience you have in mind for your most valuable customers. If you do that, you are less likely to make a mistake, and you will have award-winning patio furniture, just what you are looking for. Please consider all this.…

Teak Patio Sets Are a Great Way to Enhance Your Outdoor Living Area

Teak Patio Sets Are a Great Way to Enhance Your Outdoor Living Area

Distinctive, high quality teak patio sets are a hallmark of Teak Furniture Manufacturers. A touch of the exotic can be found in the subtle elegance of teak. Originally sourced from South East Asia, teak is a striking and durable material of warm honey tones that is ideal for crafting quality patio furniture. This attractive wood is the perfect accessory for any outdoor area, with the added benefit of providing you with long lasting patio furniture that weathers the elements for many years. The pleasing texture and opulence of teak patio furniture will lend your outdoor area instant style; its natural warm tones are an ideal backdrop that will enhance any garden landscape.

Being a natural material, teak needs little care to last a lifetime. Keeping your teak furniture in peak condition is a simple matter and needs your attention only two to three times a year. As teak ages it moves from a honey hue to an aged silver look; however, reclaiming its original color only requires some light sanding and an application of teak oil should you prefer to retain that golden glow. Such care ensures your teak patio sets do not dull over time, however some people prefer the dignified weathered look that teak develops through the years, and its appearance does not detract from the resilience that teak offers. Used specifically for its ability to withstand years of standing in the elements you need not be concerned with replacing your teak patio furniture due to cracks or splintering caused by extreme weather.

Good quality comes at a price, and teak patio sets are an investment that will continue to prove itself year after year. In the long term teak will demonstrate their viability as a quality choice for your outdoor needs. The beauty of a long term investment in teak is the versatility it allows you when choosing what furniture you need for your garden or patio. You may wish to start with a small table and chairs and then choose to add a lounge or glider at a later date. Because teak patio furniture retains its style and functionality for many years, adding pieces as your finances allow or if you move to a bigger house is an easy option. Each piece you add will blend beautifully with the beloved pieces you’ve had for years, and increase your enjoyment as you luxuriate in your own private haven.

Many quality online companies can offer you a little taste of the exotic with their stunning range of teak patio furniture. Submerge your senses in the rich texture of teak as you escape the day-to-day with a little luxury that turns your backyard or patio into the ultimate retreat.…

Using Outdoor Patio Umbrellas for Sun Protection

Using Outdoor Patio Umbrellas for Sun Protection

Do you relish the time you sit outside on a beautiful day? Do you enjoy lounging out in the open on cool mornings and afternoons? Many homeowners would agree that staying out in the patio can be extremely fun and exciting. But when the hot temperature is sweeping in, this can take the fun out from the sun. This is inevitable especially if you don’t have outdoor patio umbrellas around.

Outdoor patio umbrellas can shield you from the blazing heat of the sun. It will provide you a cool shade that will protect you delicate skin from getting any unplanned tan. With these outdoor gears in place, you can step out into your patio any time of day.

You can even stay out in there all day long. Now, there’s no need to abandon the patio during the midday. You don’t have to drag your stuffs like magazines and refreshments in and out of the day to escape the heat. Rather, you can focus on having an enjoyable time catching up on some reading or chatting up with your family and friends.

Outdoor patio umbrellas come in different designs. One of the most popular designs is the cantilevered type. This type of umbrellas has their supporting poles situated not underneath the canopy. Instead, they are offset to the side. This is an excellent design in a way that they don’t cause any obstruction for people underneath them. The homeowners are given the luxury to position their patio tables and chairs in any way they want to achieve optimum shade.

Market type outdoor umbrellas are another thing. In this design, the supporting pole is right underneath the canopy. This type is perfect for outdoor dining tables where there are holes in the middle for their placement. Using this type of umbrellas, homeowners can dine in style and cool comfort out in the open.…

Adirondack Chairs and Wood Porch Swings for a Perfect Getaway in Your Backyard

Adirondack Chairs and Wood Porch Swings for a Perfect Getaway in Your Backyard

Outdoor areas such as patio or garden can be another cool place to stay to achieve comfort and relaxation and the place where you can do some pastime activities. You only need furniture to sit on every time you spend time outside to melt the stress away.

It is nice to sit back and relax in a comforting structure of the Adirondack chair while having a sip of your favorite cold drink in your patio after the long hours in the office or school. Or you just want to spend some time alone for a nap under the cool shade of the tree on one summer lazy afternoon. Whatever activity you want to do that you think would make you feel better, your patio and garden are there to be your silent company.

There are many kinds of furniture that you can provide in your outdoor premises such as the chairs in all forms like Adirondack chairs, rocking chairs, settee, loveseats, and tete-a-tete. These chairs can be very functional with tables. Moreover, porch swings are also one of the coolest features of your patio.

In anything you purchase especially those things that are basically used everyday like furniture, it is important that you choose the pieces with qualities worth to invest especially the durability. Wood furniture could be the best option because of the characteristics of the wood that are naturally durable and weather-resistant. Plus, the natural elegance of the wood will give your outside space the look of classiness.

Provide your outdoor space with furniture like wood porch swings and other furniture so anytime you have visitors, you can entertain them in an open air for a more relaxing feeling as the cool wind touches their skin.

Whether you choose to be alone or have a conversation with your family, outdoor area will sure to be at your service along side with the Adirondack chairs and other furniture to give you easiness while you are outside.…

Buying the Perfect Cat Tree

Buying the Perfect Cat Tree

Having trouble deciding what type of cat tree to purchase? By taking a little time to assess you and your cat’s needs, finding the ideal piece of cat furniture for your home will be easy.

Ask yourself these 3 simple questions. First, how many cats do you have? Second, what instinctual behaviors do you notice being played out the most? Finally, where are you going to put it? It is important to do some research before you buy. Even though it is for your feline, it is not much different than deciding on your own personal furniture. Well constructed cat trees might be a little more costly but the better quality it is, the more abuse it can take, and the longer it will last.

If a home has multiple cats, it would be a good idea to get more than one piece of cat furniture. With that said, it does not mean they have to be identical. Offering your kitties a variety of play structures will make their indoor life a whole lot more exciting. With the numerous options cat trees can have, you can mix and match to create different and unique pieces of feline furniture. Cabins, ladders, scratching posts, and hanging toys are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to available options.

Is your cat a scratcher? Are your walls looking rough and the arms of you sofa in shreds? Cat trees can have multiple scratching posts for your cat to do his thing. The natural sisal material that is commonly used has a smell and texture kitties can’t resist. Many feline owners do not realize that scratching is a way to mark territory. By giving him a place of his very own, your cat will be happy to claim the feline friendly structure as his and leave your stuff alone.

The excuse that cat furniture can be an eyesore is no longer legitimate. With the infinite style options available it easy to fit cat focused furniture into any room of the house and can even be quite a fashion statement. Size of the room is important to consider when choosing the right piece of cat furniture. You can buy a cat tree that reaches the ceiling and sprawls across the floor and although your cat would love it, it is important to find one that will work within the space you have available. Many are surprised about how hard it is to choose their cat tree design when they see all the options available. With all the mix and match features, never ending fabric options, and styles that coordinate with any home d?�cor, cat trees have stepped up their game. As a result they are becoming more of a commonplace in cat owners’ homes. People who have already made their pet furniture purchase will tell you the hardest part was deciding which one to buy.…

Office Furniture – Creating a Perfect Bond Between the Company and Employees

Office Furniture – Creating a Perfect Bond Between the Company and Employees

Do you want to makeover the look of your office installing contemporary furniture in it? If you have planned to perform this task after considering all important aspects, then you need to be very attentive because it requires a lot of patience, monetary fund and a good sense for selecting the right kind of furniture. Among all these points, you can’t ignore the importance of the nature of your business. Don’t forget to measure the space of your office. If you really work on the above points, then you will definitely get a positive response from your employees and clients. Doing this, you are not able to fulfill your office with a complete touch of professionalism, but you can also make a fair relationship with your clients and employees. Hence, it is clear that the installation of office furniture really matters a lot when it comes to taking the business on a track where victory welcomes your effort and hard work.

Every furniture whether it is office chair, desk, meeting table or reception counter has its own identity and place in an office. You can’t ignore the one when it comes to creating an environment of professionalism in an office. These all items come in a huge variety of colours, designs, shades and patterns. Different types of materials are used in the making of these items. However, wood and steel are two popular materials used in the creating of different kinds of furniture. These items are made keeping all essential needs of the users in mind. That’s the reason that you can easily find the one that can suits your requirements and needs. You can find all these items at very reasonable rates. Sometimes you have to bargain if there is a possibility if you are purchasing the product from your local furniture store.

Nowadays people are extensively moving towards the Internet to buy almost all kinds of products. You can also find there a wide selection of office furniture that is unique and really able to complement the colour and design theme of your office. Hence, don’t take a long sigh when you come to know that you have to purchase the furniture for your commercial project. Take a chill pill and visit the Internet to make the task of purchasing of furniture easier and simple.…

Using Apartment Size Furniture

Using Apartment Size Furniture

One of the most challenging obstacles to living in an apartment is finding furnishings that fit the space without making it feel cluttered and cramped. Apartment furniture is a specialized line of home furnishings that are designed to fit the space constraints of smaller homes and apartments. These are not just two-seater couches and folding chairs, they are fine pieces of home d?�cor that compliment the home. The only difference is that each piece of furniture is small in size and often times have functionality as well, utilizing as much storage space as possible.

Apartment size furniture includes sofas and couches (including sectionals), chairs and bedroom furniture that are scaled down to fit tighter spaces. Many of these can be found with built-in storage, which increases its function from simply being comfortable sitting furniture, to dual functioning storage space. Having these extra storage areas for such think as spare blankets and pillows for guests, reduces the amount the home’s storage spaces that are used. This leaves these areas open for other important things that need to be stored out of the way.

Living room couches and sofas come in various seating options, generally from one person to four, and can come in everything from armless options, loungers, or even hide-a-bed styles. Sectionals are a great way for apartment furniture to make the best use of only a little bit of space. This is because not only is each portion of the sectional sofa designed to be smaller than traditional sectional sofas, but one of the sections can be used for either an ottoman or a place for someone to sit. Sectionals also offer different shapes to fit very unique space needs.

Whether the apartment has a bedroom or it is a studio, there are many types of bedroom furnishings that can accommodate even very small homes. Bed frames with clothing storage drawers built in or even headboards with bookshelves are some ways in which these petite products can make decorating easier. Many of the same furniture makers that produce standard size brand name furniture are the same who provide smaller products. This is why many of these items have just as aesthetic of an appeal as their larger counter parts. Gratefully, this means that each piece will have equal quality and that no matter what type of decorating preferences the consumer may have, these furnishings are sure to please anyone.…

Best Outdoor Furniture – Themes and Functionality

Best Outdoor Furniture – Themes and Functionality

Finding the best outdoor furniture is a matter of first making yourself familiar with all the kinds of choices of materials, styles and layouts available. You will then be able to have more appreciation of the various pieces that will end up being most fitting for your needs. You should choose the items carefully depending on what you plan to use them for and where they will be situated. For example, the best items for a poolside are usually made of plastic or other synthetics. With this type of poolside furniture, you will never have to worry about maintenance even though the pieces will probably end up getting wet a lot of the time. If you are looking for additional outdoor pieces for extra dining space then it does not make sense to invest in small coffee tables and benches. Often you will be able to buy complete sets of furniture specially designed to fit perfectly together for certain outdoor situations and uses.

It is often a matter of simply matching items to the existing outdoor decor for best results. The best outdoor furniture for that vacation feel could be made of wood, synthetic wood, wicker, synthetic wicker and teak. It does not stop there. To complete the look, you can invest in rugs, lawn ornaments and outdoor wall decor that will all complement the theme. At the same time, you should not limit yourself just to making it all aesthetically appealing. You should also be concerned about comfort. Wonderful looking pieces are nothing if guests are not comfortable. The outdoor living space should have apt shade and the seating options should be cozily suited to your family’s needs. You might like to choose something really comfortable and relaxing like a porch glider or swivel rocker chair as a special feature that is bound to be popular with everyone. For the shade, you can choose from outdoor umbrellas, parasols, different kinds of awnings and shade sails. Cushions and pillows that are designed for outdoor use can be utilized to make the chairs, benches and chaise lounges more comfortable.

You will find there are plenty of porch and patio themes to choose from. These days there are some fine contemporary pieces on the market that are intended for outdoor use. For example some might have geometric shapes and bright, vivid colors which could suit your taste. The best outdoor furniture pieces for rustic appeal will often be made of cast iron or aluminum. This classic traditional look is forever popular and looks fine in most situations. However whichever style you choose, the important thing to remember is to make sure that each of the pieces goes well with the others. If a chair or a side table stands out then the entirety of the look will all be for nothing. You should have a clear idea of what look you are trying to create for your outdoor space. In that way with an overall plan you will be able to choose your outdoor furniture wisely. It will end up looking great and be nice and comfortable too.…

Garden Furniture Overview

Garden Furniture Overview

Garden furniture is one of the most sought after types of furniture not just for the garden but also for any outdoor space within the confines of your compound. It turns an otherwise unusable space into one that makes activity possible. Because of its popularity, there are an abundant variety of furniture types that are perfect for outdoor use. But we can generally divide them by the types of materials they are made from. They offer they’re own advantages and disadvantages.


Contrary to popular belief, plastic garden furniture is not always cheap. There are very expensive examples of outdoor furniture that are made from plastic. Additionally, only specific types of plastic furniture can stand up to the rigors of the outdoors. If you attempt to use plastics made for the indoors around the garden, it will most surely begin to discolor over time. If you wait log enough, it may even begin to crack. For that reason, always stick to those that were designed specifically for use in the outdoors.

On the flip side, plastic does offer many advantages. Firstly, they are light which makes them quite mobile when the need arises. Secondly, they are very durable. Another advantage to be had is the fact that plastic can be molded into a variety of shapes easily, unlike wood. But plastic doesn’t necessarily lend itself well to the garden variety and those that want something more organic aesthetically will usually avoid them.


Metal is considered by many to be a more elegant option than plastic is. There are a whole slew of metals that are potential candidates for outdoor furniture that include iron, titanium, steel and aluminum. The cheapest varieties are usually made from steel as they are generally easier to fabricate compared to other irons.

Outside of the choices of metal, you have to factor in weight as well. There are some types of metals that are simply heavier than others. Wrought iron furniture may be very sturdy and durable, but they are heavy. Aluminum on the other hand is very light. Many types of metal furniture are not completely made from metal. You will find in many examples of metal framed furniture in combination with plastics and organic sources like rattan.


Wood garden furniture is an obvious favorite. It is organic and blends very well with the garden. For that reason, wood furniture is probably the most popular choice for the garden environment. However, you need to be very careful as to the type of wood used as many variants are not suited for outdoor use. It will have to go through periods of extreme moisture (rain) as well as the heat from the scorching sun. Additionally, many wood types are prone to rotting in such conditions.

Therefore, lets talk about the types of wood suitable for garden furniture. Undoubtedly, the most popular is Teak. Teak is a type of wood famed for its durability in the outdoor environment. It is very resistant to warping and is generally thought to be one of the best woods for this application. Oak is another hardwood that is somewhat popular. It contains natural insect repelling ingredients and tends to change color over time. Another great option is Chinese Fir. Chinese Fir is extremely fast growing and requires minimal maintenance as furniture.…