Decorating With Elegant and Formal Living Room Furniture

Decorating With Elegant and Formal Living Room Furniture

Elegant and formal living room furniture might remind you of your dream house even if you are just living in a condo. These kinds of rooms are perfect for company and conversation but they can also still work for your everyday life. It’s important to balance these two aspects so that they can be used on a daily basis and to help maximize your square footage. Here are a few tips for picking out this kind of furniture and making the most of your existing pieces.

It’s important to know exactly what makes the piece look expensive. This doesn’t mean that you have to spend a lot of money. You might even be able to find this kind of furniture in the classified ads or at garage sale. You want to look for very intricate details. These include any gold leafing accents as well as a wood carvings.

Another aspect that will make your typical living room furniture look more formal is an elegant fabric. You can even make cotton look sophisticated as long as it’s a very rich and deep chocolate brown. You want to choose a sofa that will work for your everyday life and then just dress it up with throw pillows and trim work. Trim is another classic hallmark of this design style. You might be able to find nail head details as well as tassel work if you want a Tuscan or traditional vibe.

Wingback chairs are very formal and elegant feeling. It will really make your room fill more traditional than just a basic recliner. It will give your space more of a library feeling to it. This is the kind of style you really want to be careful with so your TV doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. If you have a flat screen put an intricate console underneath it. You can also turn it into artwork with an ornate gold frame around it. For formal living room furniture you really want to focus in on making everything match and having a cohesive design. This is one of the few opportunities to update and buy an entire living room set without it looking cheesy.

Another aspect of formal living room furniture are wood tones. The wood tones should be dark and rich such as mahogany, cherry, or walnut. This will make your room instantly feel richer and more elegant. Plus, this is a pretty traditional design so you can add in new pieces over time to complete the set.