Mattress Matters: Find The Right Mattress For You

Mattress Matters: Find The Right Mattress For You

Choosing The Perfect Mattress

Sleeping better makes you feel better; choosing the right mattress is essential.

Buying a new mattress will help you sleep and could even keep you healthy. Many people overlook the benefits of having a mattress that supports the body and offers maximum comfort. The right mattress relieves joint discomfort, improves posture and provides a great night’s sleep. If you are investing in a new mattress, it is important to know what to look for. The following are the most effective types of mattress:

Open Spring Mattress

How does it work?

Open spring mattresses are made up of individual coil springs that link together – It is the traditional mattress that is still effective. The coil springs move when your body moves so you are supported throughout your night of sleep.

Should I buy it?

An open spring mattress is reliable and long lasting. It’s a great choice for anyone wanting great value and great quality.

Pocket Spring Mattress

How does it work?

Like the open spring, the pocket spring mattress is made up of coiled springs that secure your body as it moves. These coils are covered with a clever pocket of material that provides smoother movement and extra comfort.

Should I buy it?

The pocket mattress is a popular choice because it delivers both durability and support. It is perfect for any budget, as it’s available to buy in a range of prices.

Remember: The more springs your mattress has the more support it will give.

Memory Foam Mattress

How does it work?

Memory foam was originally developed by NASA, and creates a highly effective mattress. The memory foam doesn’t use springs, instead it provides individual cells that mould to the contours of your body, providing maximum support and comfort.

Should I buy it?

A memory foam mattress offers the ultimate in comfort and support, ensuring years of satisfaction and are available for a range of prices. Some models even include temperature regulating technology that will ensure a great night’s sleep.

Mattress Dos & Don’ts

Do: Go for quality – damask and quilted materials are a good choice

Don’t: Always go for the cheapest option – invest in your sleep

Do: Buy bedding and accessories to boost your sleeping environment

Do: Make sure your wooden bed properly supports your mattress

Don’t: Buy from just anywhere – choose a retailer you know you can trust