Rosewood Carved Screen

Rosewood Carved Screen

Rosewood screens stands for its quality and durability. The screens made of rosewood last a lifetime and also give a lot of options when it comes to final touches. You can even customize it according to your taste and need. It can even be stained and painted according to your style and design. And it all depends on the artist’s creativity. how best he can extend his art. Rosewood screens give both stylish and traditional look to your house. They add value to the interior of the house. The rosewood screen is made from specially weathered and termite resistant wood that only grows more beautiful with age. It can used either as a stand-alone decorative furniture item in any room of your house, office or any other commercial space.

Rosewood screens can be altered according to your need. You can place them anywhere in the house. They can easily blend with your home d?�cor. The wooden screens also add to the architectural value of your home. There is a whole range of these eye catching collection of wooden screens available, which can be used as decorative as well as utility items. The designs are matching the latest trends and needs of the industry.

Investing in a Rosewood screen is worth for its looks. The screen can be polished with a quality polish. You can even get special dusting tools that are available in the market for the wood screens. Homes with children can opt for these as any crayon stain or ink stain can be cleaned easily.

The collection of the rosewood screens is also available in different alluring and complex designs. These are intricately carved out of high quality rosewood and the smooth edges and the perfect finish speak volumes about the mastery in wooden work. The carved screen is crafted with beautiful jali or fretwork work. Geometric and floral forms, delicately executed by hand with slender knife-like tools, adorn the wooden folding screens. You can even place these in the balcony or the verandah of your house, during hot season. The wooden screens create a speckled play of light and shade and also allows the cool breeze to pass through.

It is a most desired piece of furniture by most of the interior designers and homemaker all across the globe. Placed in your home, these rosewood screens with their intricate woodwork, will gather appreciation for their skillful carving and excellent designs.