How to Get Garden Furniture That Can Last 100 Years

How to Get Garden Furniture That Can Last 100 Years

After years of debate about whether or not the greenhouse effect is real the argument is over. Most people have realized what we’ve done to the planet. The world is finely going “green”. We are now focusing on fixing our mistakes and trying to not make things worse. Maybe that’s one reason that recycled plastic furniture has become so popular.

What Is the Best Recycled Plastic Furniture?

Many people believe that the best plastic furniture is made of poly wood. Perhaps because polywood furniture, which is made from recycled plastic polymer (HDPE – high density polyethylene), is unaffected by saltwater, snow, rain, sleet, sun, mildew, and chlorine.

Polywood Adirondack chairs, for example, are made of milk jugs that were transformed into an extremely durable plastic lumber. This lumber is molded with real wood grain detail. It looks like the real thing yet it will outlast the hardest of hardwoods.

And there is little if any upkeep necessary. A bit of soap and water will keep polywood furniture looking new for decades. It’s pretty much maintenance free.

Another thing you’ll love about polywood is that it’s all weather furniture. You can either store it in the shed during off season or just leave it out on your lawn. This unique synthetic lumber can take the punishment of virtually any weather condition, including the harshest winter storms.

But Won’t It Blow Into the Swimming Pool?

Because the material it is made from is so dense it will not blow away like plastic furniture from years ago often did. You’re not going to have to fish poly wood furniture out of your swimming pool. Most polywood Adirondack chairs are quite hefty and weigh between forty five and fifty pounds.

Polywood outdoor furniture also incorporates rust free, commercial grade stainless steel components. It truly is designed to last for decades. Aside from being made of recycled plastics, polywood furniture is guaranteed not to peel, rot or chip. And it will never become infested with insects.

What Choices Do I Have?

Almost any polywood furniture design you choose comes in a wide variety of colors. This way you can coordinate your new pieces of furniture with what you already own. This recycled furniture is also color fast. The color permeates the whole product. It’s not just painted on the surface.

What’s rather interesting is that one of the most popular designs for this twenty-first century material came into being over a hundred years ago. Built to be as useful as it is attractive, a polywood example of Thomas Lee’s Adirondack Chair design that you buy today may indeed last well into the next century.