How to Reupholster an Old Piece of Furniture

How to Reupholster an Old Piece of Furniture

Color, comfort, feel, appearance – does your old piece of furniture falls short of any of these? If yes, your furniture surely needs to be reupholstered. Nothing to be baffled about; we will guide you how to go about it!

Bric-a-bracs are essential items in a home and what make them more special are the sentiments attached with them. But unlike people, furniture undergoes wear and tear over the years. So what you can do is reupholster them so that they retain the same look that caught your fancy years ago. Transformations, though, can be quick and simple. Change the covers of your furniture for an easy update. Yes, it’s that old bric-a-brac can be given a complete makeover by reupholstering it with a cloth of your choice. You can pick anything that appeals your sense of sight, considering the theme, general get-up of the home or room and the preferences in terms of color, contrast, patterns and styles.

Wondering how you will go about it? It’s simpler than you think. Turn the furniture piece you feel like reupholstering. Unpin the existing upholstery by removing the pins and staples to do away with the old piece of cloth. Measure the removed fabric from the furniture piece and buy a thick upholstery cloth that suits your needs. Now, use a staple gun, sewing machine or a fabric glue to affix new fabric stretching it as you carry on. Ensure that the finishing is maintained and no part of the fabric is overlapping, over stretched or long-drawn-out.

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For a finishing touch, you may use a varnish, a buff-up solution or a wood gloss to dab new looks to the piece.