Premium Restaurant Furniture Vital For Success

Premium Restaurant Furniture Vital For Success

When you’re opening a new restaurant, there are a plethora of things to consider before worrying about your restaurant furniture. You have to find the right location, find the right menu, find the right staff, get the word out on your new place… the list goes on and on. That being said, if someone tells you that having the best restaurant furniture available isn’t a vital part of helping your food service business succeed, they are terribly mistaken.

There are a series of different aspects to consider when selecting your restaurant furniture. Perhaps the most important is how comfortable your customers are in your restaurant chairs and tables.

Comfort, of course, should always be taken into consideration. Once you’ve got people’s butts in your restaurant chairs, you want them to be comfortable sitting there, and nothing will sent patrons running faster than a sore behind. You could have the greatest service and the most delicious food in the world, it won’t matter if people are uncomfortable.

And comfort doesn’t just have to be the cushions on your restaurant chairs. If they’re too low for your restaurant tables, or they wobble or break easily, you will be putting yourself and your restaurant at a disadvantage.

Same goes for the restaurant tables. Everyone has been seated at a table that wobbles, and there are very few things more frustrating during a meal. Lift your glass, the table shifts right. Pass a plate, the table shifts left. It’s very infuriating, and infuriated customers don’t make return trips. And businesses that don’t get repeat customers don’t end up succeeding.

While comfort is obviously the most important aspect, the look and feel of your restaurant shouldn’t suffer as a result. It’s essential that your entire restaurant look good, and that statement covers your restaurant furniture just as much as anything else. While the ‘look’ should match that of your entire restaurant atmosphere, it’s also recommended you pick out restaurant chairs and tables that give off a luxurious aura.

However, and this is the most commonly overlooked factor, you need to keep in mind how you’re going to set the seating up BEFORE picking your restaurant chairs and tables. Knowing what would make the best looking and most convenient set-up will help you find the exact. You’ll be required to shift and adjust your table arrangements on a daily (or nightly) basis. While this will at time get frustrating, it comes with the territory. Don’t make your job harder by opting for the restaurant furniture that won’t adjust how you need it to.