Why Do Children Love Bean Bag Chairs?

Why Do Children Love Bean Bag Chairs?

There’s something about a good bean bag chair that is a kid magnet. Children come running up to them and just plunge in. These chairs can be made from fuzzy material to be even more fun for kids, or from materials such as microfiber or leather for a look that goes with any home decor.

But what makes them so great for children?

The big thing is comfort. A bean bag chair fits you the way you choose to sit in it. They take some abuse. If a child all but literally dives into one, the chair will put up with that treatment.

They’re also light enough to be mobile. Most chairs are too hard to move around easily. Bean bag chairs can be dragged from room to room and even upstairs with much less fuss than almost any other piece of furniture.

When you’re choosing one for a child, make sure its cover can be removed and washed in some way. Kids are messy creatures. If you can allow them to just be themselves with their furniture, they’re going to enjoy it even more.

They aren’t just for fun. Kids can do homework sitting in a bean bag chair. They can take a nap in one, provided they’re old enough that suffocation is not a hazard.

In children’s sizes, you can get a lot of different designs, sometimes even favorite characters. The right design will help your child to love his or her chair even more. Some can even be personalized.

If you want to really shock your kids, and possibly visitors to your home, bean bags even come in couch sizes. This is a bit of an unusual look, but that’s not a bad thing if you have a lot of kids coming over regularly. It’s a great way to let them be comfortable and relax together.

There are a number of sizes available as individual chairs too. You can get them big enough that even an adult will enjoy relaxing in the chair. If you have fond memories of sitting in a bean bag chair growing up, you might want one for yourself.

These chairs are a great addition to your home, especially if you’re looking for something affordable and comfortable. You can often get a good one for about $100, which is much less than many other types of chair. The price increases with size and quality, making them fit almost any budget.