Furniture and American Dolls

Furniture and American Dolls

Talk about American Girl doll furniture! Did you know that there is furniture for each doll (almost!)?

Addy has a set of table and chairs, a bed and bedding, a trunk for traveling, and a wardrobe closet.

Felicity has a wardrobe, bed with bedding and a canopy as well, a tea set that looks great on her table and chairs. Elizabeth’s bedding is similar to Felicity’s. Who do you suppose had theirs first? No wonder there such good friends.

Josephina has a beautiful chest and natural wood table and bed with bedding.

Julia has a more modern look, popular of course in the 60’s – formica/plastic table and chair set, where her tasty treats look great on. She also has her own bed with hanging beads.

Kirsten’s furniture line includes her blue wooden bed and era bedding, wooden table and chairs, and her blue trunk to match her bed. Kirsten is ready for retirement, so you better complete your collection soon.

Made of metal, Kit’s table and chairs are painted in retro green as well as her metal bed. She also has a night table, dresser trunk, and an adorable cookstove. Ruthie loves it!

Molly, one of the original three, loves red and it shows! She matches her bedding with her red and white striped PJ’s and her retro red table with plastic seated chairs. In her line of furniture a Chifforobe cupboard is also available as well as a school desk and vanity table.

Growing up in New York City, Rebecca, the newcomer has an eye for flair. She has a beautiful burgundy settee (couch), a bedroom collection, a sideboard and Sabbath set and a costume trunk. What fun!

Bitty Baby has almost everything you could imagine! A changing table, crib and mobile, high chair, playbox and bouncer seat, a play table, swing and trundle bed and bedding. All in white and bright colors.

The Bitty Twins have a kitchen set to play with and there is also a tent for your AG doll.…

Picking Out The Right Kids Furniture

Picking Out The Right Kids Furniture

Designing a kid’s room requires skill to find appropriate furnishings. You have to consider many things including creating a space for the child to play, sleep and even study. As a parent or guardian, you should learn how to properly decorate a child’s room. From color, decoration and kids furniture, you should at least have a basic idea on how to put things together. The design and arrangement of the room should not only reflect your preferences but it should also cater to the child’s needs. The following tips give you an idea on what kids furniture to buy.

Kids Bunk Beds

You should consider bunk beds for kids furniture. This is also ideal if your children are going to share rooms. Bunk beds can accommodate two or more children for a fraction of a space. You can choose from a range of bunk beds:

– Standard twin bunks -this type comes as two twin beds placed over each other. You can also choose full sized beds for this kids furniture. This can accommodate the children as they grow up. You will not need to purchase new beds every now and then to make room for their growth.

– L-shaped bunk beds – as the name implies, this type of furniture has an L-shape. This accommodates other components such as a television, a dresser or even a desk.

– Bunk Beds that can separate – the good thing about this bed is that you can separate them once your kids move to their own rooms. You can separate the beds into two single sleeping units, allowing you save up on costs.

– Futon Bunk beds – this type of furniture has a bed on top while a folding futon is underneath. This is ideal if your kid has other people sleeping over.

You should also consider the size of your child/children’s room. It is very important for you to be able to fit the bed easily and still have room for your kid to move around. Remember that children are very active. They need their space to play and do other things. Along with the beds, you should also pick a good mattress to ensure your child’s comfort. A good kind is a Sealy posturepedic mattress.


You should have a theme in mind when designing and purchasing kids furniture for your child’s room. The theme can help you choose which pieces go together and match well. This also makes it easier to pair up other things including color and overall interior.


Remember to set a budget before buying. You cannot simply splurge if you cannot afford it. You can always find quality pieces for a good price. Scout the internet for good deals and even discount offers.

If you really have no idea how to properly design your child’s room, you can always seek professional help. You can also ask people you know who have children. They should be able to give you advice on what to do.…

How Did Charles Eames Produce Some Of The Most Well Known Designer Furniture Of The 20th Century?

How Did Charles Eames Produce Some Of The Most Well Known Designer Furniture Of The 20th Century?

When you would ask people who their favourite furniture designer is, you are very likely to get the answer: Eames. Charles and Ray Eames have left their stamp on modern furniture design and are definitely some of the most successful furniture designers of the twentieth century. Currently, around 55 years after their most successful designer objects came onto the market, they are still considered great designers and their designer furniture pieces are still best-sellers. But why did they become so popular and well known? and what was so special about their designer furniture to gain that much recognition?

Charles Eames was born in St. Louis, Missouri in the United States of America in 1907. The young Eames learnt about engineering, drawing and architecture as a teenager while working in a steel company. He decided to study architecture but left university after two years since Eames views were considered to be too modern by the university. Charles Eames continued studying but this time at Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan. After he divorced his first wife he married Ray Kaiser with whom he shared the love for art and designer furniture.

One of the first great successes Eames experienced as a designer was when he collaborated with Eero Saarinen and used a new technique of wood moulding for which they won a prize. Charles Eames developed the moulding technique and created several moulded plywood products such as the famous moulded plywood DCW Chair and the frame of the iconic Eames Lounge Chair. His innovative mindset got him more noticed than the designers who rather followed the books and predecessors.

Together with Ray Eames, he moved to Los Angeles, where they designed and built the spectacular Eames House. The Eames house is a somewhat industrial styled construction that is built out of pre-fabricated steel parts. While they were living in their house in Los Angeles they designed some of their most iconic pieces of furniture. Charles and Ray Eames mainly designed high quality furniture for Herman Miller, such as the Aluminum collection.

The main materials they used were very innovative such as fiberglass and plastic. The created furniture did not only look stunning, it was also very functional. The conference chair (also called the task chair) is still a much used chair in offices because of its combination between a modern design look and its functionality. The Eames Lounge Chair is probably one of the most comfortable chairs ever designed but keeps its interesting designer look through the moulded plywood frame.

The success of Charles and Ray Eames was achieved through their innovative ideas about material, style and comfort. Their belief in development inspired a lot of people in America and beyond to make a change. Ray and Charles Eames strongly believed that the aim of designer furniture should be to create progress and that they were part of a continuous process of developing better furniture and maybe even a better world. While we are currently still enjoying the beautiful furniture that was created by Eames, they would want us to keep on being innovative and produce even better furniture in the future.…

Custom Built In Desk – A Great Example Of Custom Built Ins

Custom Built In Desk – A Great Example Of Custom Built Ins

Built in furniture is preferred by both homeowners and office owners for it offers a lot of convenience. Custom built ins are all the more preferable for they come with all the features required to make them perfect. These furnishing items are space saving and come with the features that are commensurate with the needs of the user. Whether it is a home or an office or even a home office, these types of furnishing items can be used for every place. Only when one starts using this type of furniture, will he/she be able to understand its difference from other furnishing items.

Take the example of a custom built in desk. This type of desk is like any other regular desk but it has special features that make it look all the more perfect. These types of desks are manufactured keeping the needs and tastes of their users in mind. This variety of desk also does not occupy much space. Building built in desks is not a very difficult task if you are sure about your needs and requirements. Also take care of your taste in colors and styles in order to make the desk commensurate with your preferences. Employ an experienced furniture manufacturer for carrying out the task and be there to guide him throughout the process.

Your first and foremost duty would be to provide an accurate measurement of the length and width of the desk that you want the manufacturer to build. Then select a style of desk that you wish to own. Different styles of furnishing are available even amongst custom built ins, so you can also pick up a variety of your choice. Elaborate designs comprise of shelving and drawers; so, choose them if you want your desk to enhance the appeal of your study.

Determine the area of the room and the wall where you would want to install your desk. Whether it is your study or your office, the custom built in desk should be placed in a position where it is most required. You should not install the desk at a place where it would look odd or out of place. So mark the wall and also ensure that the wall is big enough to hold the desk of your desired size. Also determine the height of the desk from the floor in accordance to your needs. The material used for these built in desks is generally wood. Select a variety of wood on the basis of your taste and budget, but try to go for a top quality wood. Though it might cost you quite a lot, it will be durable and will last for a long time. You will also need a chair for the desk, select a style of chair that looks best with the desk.…

How to Care For Your Garden Patio Furniture

How to Care For Your Garden Patio Furniture

Caring for your garden patio furniture is not very difficult at all. However, you need to be diligent about treating each piece. If you clean each piece properly you will save quite a bit of money. Furthermore, you will be able to enjoy your outside furniture collection for much longer periods.

The type of care you use for your garden patio furniture highly depends upon the materials used to make each piece. However, here are tips that can help you in the event you own certain types of this furniture:

Treated Rattan

If your pieces are weatherproofed and are covering with a special coating that protects it from UV sunlight, it may not need quite as much care. However, any bit of care is still helpful. You can clean this furniture with a garden hose in some cases, which some people may not believe. This is particularly evident if you own the all weather rattan furniture that is becoming the most desirable choice today.

You might also want to protect it with a waterproof cover when not in use. This is especially necessary if you leave it outside.

Untreated Rattan

The natural fiber of wicker, cane, and rush furniture of untreated rattan tends to dry out very quickly. Therefore, it’s essential to keep your untreated pieces out of the sun when not in use.

Furthermore, dust every piece as often as possible and vacuum frequently to remove the dust from the cracks and seams. If you are in the process of removing the dust from your rattan furniture, a medium bristle brush is often useful for this purpose.

You could also wipe it with a damp cloth and mild soap. It is highly suggested that you utilise one of the detergents or that is specially designed for maintaining this type of furniture. However, you may be able to achieve similar results with dish soap.

Additional Care Advice

Some of the tips mentioned above also might be helpful for treating other materials such as wood, plastic, or metal. When in doubt make sure you just do not use too much water and always try to find the cleaner that is specified as safe for the material you intend to use it on.

If you do your part and properly care for your garden patio furniture, you will be able to use it for many years. Don’t labor over it, but be consistent and careful when treating each type of furniture. …

Mattress Matters: Find The Right Mattress For You

Mattress Matters: Find The Right Mattress For You

Choosing The Perfect Mattress

Sleeping better makes you feel better; choosing the right mattress is essential.

Buying a new mattress will help you sleep and could even keep you healthy. Many people overlook the benefits of having a mattress that supports the body and offers maximum comfort. The right mattress relieves joint discomfort, improves posture and provides a great night’s sleep. If you are investing in a new mattress, it is important to know what to look for. The following are the most effective types of mattress:

Open Spring Mattress

How does it work?

Open spring mattresses are made up of individual coil springs that link together – It is the traditional mattress that is still effective. The coil springs move when your body moves so you are supported throughout your night of sleep.

Should I buy it?

An open spring mattress is reliable and long lasting. It’s a great choice for anyone wanting great value and great quality.

Pocket Spring Mattress

How does it work?

Like the open spring, the pocket spring mattress is made up of coiled springs that secure your body as it moves. These coils are covered with a clever pocket of material that provides smoother movement and extra comfort.

Should I buy it?

The pocket mattress is a popular choice because it delivers both durability and support. It is perfect for any budget, as it’s available to buy in a range of prices.

Remember: The more springs your mattress has the more support it will give.

Memory Foam Mattress

How does it work?

Memory foam was originally developed by NASA, and creates a highly effective mattress. The memory foam doesn’t use springs, instead it provides individual cells that mould to the contours of your body, providing maximum support and comfort.

Should I buy it?

A memory foam mattress offers the ultimate in comfort and support, ensuring years of satisfaction and are available for a range of prices. Some models even include temperature regulating technology that will ensure a great night’s sleep.

Mattress Dos & Don’ts

Do: Go for quality – damask and quilted materials are a good choice

Don’t: Always go for the cheapest option – invest in your sleep

Do: Buy bedding and accessories to boost your sleeping environment

Do: Make sure your wooden bed properly supports your mattress

Don’t: Buy from just anywhere – choose a retailer you know you can trust…

Don’t Create A Firewood Disarray by Using Outdoor Firewood Rack

Don’t Create A Firewood Disarray by Using Outdoor Firewood Rack

You might be nonetheless attracted to utilizing your wood-burning hearth in spite of of the growing acceptance of propane or electrical patio heaters. If perhaps this is the circumstance, buying lots of firewood is the best thing you could accomplish to ensure that you are able to fire your hearth effortlessly whenever you need them already and a lot better should you apply it in advance of winter season.

What about buying outdoor firewood rack from the time you likewise obtain the firewood? This extra expenses will certainly give you additional convenience. Firewood rack will support you set up the logs and maintain it free of moisture and fresh. It also helps you avoid clutters and potential damages brought on by tripping over the cluttered firewood.

It is essential to have an outdoor firewood rack so that you are able to stack the firewood perfectly and secure from the elements. Since firewood which is often subjected to conditions like rain and snowfall is most likely to decompose earlier. And I wager you do not want that to happen. Wet and filthy firewood will also be the possible thing to take place to the woods and picture utilizing firewood in a condition like that. Since then, outdoor firewood rack is definitely a great aid for you. Stacking the firewood neatly in the rack will provide you with simple time of pulling it when you are likely to will need it.

One particular essential factor that you’ve to keep in mind is the toughness of the firewood rack. It should be strong enough to hold significant numbers of firewood that you are going to heap in it.

Outdoor firewood rack comes in distinct type that can also complement to your outside patio furnishings and could be additional as one of the gorgeous outdoor decors. It also comes in distinct measurements from little to huge so that you can stack firewood as numerous as you need.…

Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Space Even in the Winter

Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Space Even in the Winter

Just because the winter is approaching doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your outside home, there are many ways to still enjoy sitting outside in these colder months. Whether you are looking to enjoy the outdoors during the day or night don’t let a drop in temperature stop you from doing just that. Start by keeping everything closer, the living area, fire pits, accessories, grill, tables and chairs. Keeping everything a little closer during the colder months will keep you more likely to stay out there, if you have a large garden and have to leave your house and go down to the bottom of your yard every time you want to spark up the grill and then the fire pit and lounge chairs are way at the other side you may not go out as often. If you have children or an outdoor winter party you want to be close together letting the heat of the fire pit or grill keep you and your loved ones warm. Just be sure the grills and fire pits are at a safe distance away.

A few tricks to keeping warm while outdoors in the chilly winter weather is to add an outdoor enclosed canopy and space heaters. Adding pillows and throw blankets to your wooden lounge chairs and benches and staying close together. If the idea of a canopy is a no go due to space or weather adding a fire pit to the center of your gathering area will keep everyone cozy. And since it gets darker earlier adding light will help you stay out later, a fire pit will add light but if that wasn’t your first choice of warmth and you opted for a space heater maybe add candles or twinkle lights. Twinkle lights just make me think of winter, you can get them everywhere at this time of year and made for outdoors since so many people decorate their outside home and trees with them for the holidays, you should have no problem keeping your outdoor room lit up.

If you have a patio from the house maybe making this a year round room, having your chairs and space heaters, fire pits and grill all out there and to top it off an outdoor Jacuzzi tub. OK, so who out there would not just love being in your Jacuzzi on a cool night and know that once you jump out your throw on your robe and you are just 10 feet away from your home. There are so many ways to enjoy your outside living even in the winter. My uncle has the best outdoor living space, he built a patio above the back of their home, they partially enclosed it and added a space heater keeping it warm and on the non-enclosed side added a fire pit. They have a wooden outdoor bar and bar stools, long wooden benches with pillows and blankets, wooden lounge chairs and a few small wooden side tables. This is where they host all their adult parties year round, they have a small keg, flat screen TV so no one misses a game, it’s amazing. Unless you are worried about heavy snow or rain fall, there is no reason you can’t enjoy your outdoors during the winter just as much if not more than in the summer!…

Choosing the Right Furniture For Your Patio

Choosing the Right Furniture For Your Patio

Your garden patio provides you with valuable outside space, and dressed with the right furniture can deliver a quality external living area. The variety of patio furniture sets and accessories available in the UK is vast. However, with some careful consideration and research you could purchase patio furniture that makes a stylish impact upon your garden whilst delivering comfort for years to come.


Many outlets now offer small patio sets, seating two or four people at bargain prices. However, the price you pay will often reflect the quality of the furniture supplied and if you are looking for patio furniture that will last for several years then you should consider extending your budget where possible. Good quality patio furniture needn’t break the bank by shopping around you will be able find something to suit your pocket.

Style and size

So, you have decided to buy some patio furniture for your garden, terrace or balcony, but how should it look? Consider your surroundings. If you are living in a modern house or apartment complex then you may want to avoid the very traditional style of furniture such as wrought iron or intricate cast aluminium which are perhaps better suited to a cottage garden. In recent years the garden furniture market has been revolutionised by the introduction of resin wicker, a synthetic replacement for natural rattan. This stylish method of furniture making is becoming increasingly popular in modern homes and also restaurants and hotels. In addition to providing a clean and modern look, quality resin wicker will last a considerable amount of time and requires little maintenance. It is also incredibly comfortable, even without a cushion. If you choose to by resin wicker patio furniture you should opt for a set which is supplied with guarantee of UV stability (to prevent fading) and rot resistance.

If you are limited in terms of your outdoor space take measurements of your patio or balcony and use them when choosing your furniture. Remember that in a shop or on a photo the size of the furniture can be deceptive. You do not want to order furniture only to find that it is too big and bulky for the area it was intended for.


For many, the UK seasons mean that outside living space can usually only be enjoyed at length during spring and summer. During the cold and wet autumn and winter months it is a good idea to store your patio furniture in doors and at the very least it should be covered. Before you make your purchase you should consider where it could be stored when not in use. If your storage space is limited then you should try and purchase furniture that can fold flat or stack. In the past some folding furniture had a tendency to look functional rather than stylish but today this is no longer the case. In some cases it is in fact quite hard to spot a folding chair from a solid chair.


If you are a fan of DIY then you will probably not be phased by the task of building your patio furniture. However, if you really do not want to build it yourself then avoid anything sold as “flat packed”. There are plenty of patio sets on the market which are ready to use and can be delivered built. Look out for stacking chairs that are often supplied ready for use. Due to their size tables are often delivered with the legs requiring attachment to the top. If you are concerned about the amount of work required to build then you should speak to the retailer prior to ordering.

There are a number of online retailers offering quality patio furniture sets at very competitive prices so with a quick search you could be enjoying your outside space in no time at all!…