Choosing the Right Furniture For Your Patio

Choosing the Right Furniture For Your Patio

Your garden patio provides you with valuable outside space, and dressed with the right furniture can deliver a quality external living area. The variety of patio furniture sets and accessories available in the UK is vast. However, with some careful consideration and research you could purchase patio furniture that makes a stylish impact upon your garden whilst delivering comfort for years to come.


Many outlets now offer small patio sets, seating two or four people at bargain prices. However, the price you pay will often reflect the quality of the furniture supplied and if you are looking for patio furniture that will last for several years then you should consider extending your budget where possible. Good quality patio furniture needn’t break the bank by shopping around you will be able find something to suit your pocket.

Style and size

So, you have decided to buy some patio furniture for your garden, terrace or balcony, but how should it look? Consider your surroundings. If you are living in a modern house or apartment complex then you may want to avoid the very traditional style of furniture such as wrought iron or intricate cast aluminium which are perhaps better suited to a cottage garden. In recent years the garden furniture market has been revolutionised by the introduction of resin wicker, a synthetic replacement for natural rattan. This stylish method of furniture making is becoming increasingly popular in modern homes and also restaurants and hotels. In addition to providing a clean and modern look, quality resin wicker will last a considerable amount of time and requires little maintenance. It is also incredibly comfortable, even without a cushion. If you choose to by resin wicker patio furniture you should opt for a set which is supplied with guarantee of UV stability (to prevent fading) and rot resistance.

If you are limited in terms of your outdoor space take measurements of your patio or balcony and use them when choosing your furniture. Remember that in a shop or on a photo the size of the furniture can be deceptive. You do not want to order furniture only to find that it is too big and bulky for the area it was intended for.


For many, the UK seasons mean that outside living space can usually only be enjoyed at length during spring and summer. During the cold and wet autumn and winter months it is a good idea to store your patio furniture in doors and at the very least it should be covered. Before you make your purchase you should consider where it could be stored when not in use. If your storage space is limited then you should try and purchase furniture that can fold flat or stack. In the past some folding furniture had a tendency to look functional rather than stylish but today this is no longer the case. In some cases it is in fact quite hard to spot a folding chair from a solid chair.


If you are a fan of DIY then you will probably not be phased by the task of building your patio furniture. However, if you really do not want to build it yourself then avoid anything sold as “flat packed”. There are plenty of patio sets on the market which are ready to use and can be delivered built. Look out for stacking chairs that are often supplied ready for use. Due to their size tables are often delivered with the legs requiring attachment to the top. If you are concerned about the amount of work required to build then you should speak to the retailer prior to ordering.

There are a number of online retailers offering quality patio furniture sets at very competitive prices so with a quick search you could be enjoying your outside space in no time at all!