How to Choose Indian Rosewood Furniture

How to Choose Indian Rosewood Furniture

There can’t be any iota of doubt that Indian wooden furniture is held in high reverence all across the world. The quality of Indian wooden furniture is something that has made the product a popular name.

Rosewood is abundantly used in making Indian furniture. The strength offered to a furniture piece by rosewood has made it a widely used ingredient in making Indian furniture.

But how do we choose the best rosewood furniture? Following are some of the points that you need to consider.

Quality of the wood

While choosing rosewood furniture, or for that matter any type of Indian furniture, you must evaluate the quality of the wood. Rosewood is usually categorized as rare and high quality timber and these kinds of wooden furniture comprise solid and high quality grains. They are both smooth and shiny and can’t be easily scratched or corroded. This is a key characteristic of Indian rosewood furniture. Some kinds of Indian furniture made from banyan and pinewood are soft and can be easily scratched. They’ll rot down after some time. Hence it’s important that you evaluate the furniture by its grain, color, smell and density.

Wood grain

High quality Indian furniture made from rosewood have clear and nice grains and sports beautiful patterns. The cutting surface of such wooden furniture is loose and rough. While choosing rosewood furniture you must check the nature of the grains besides checking the wood at the bottom. This is very important in choosing good rosewood furniture.


In general, rosewood furniture must appear harmonious. The craft of the wooden furniture must also be exquisite. When used in carpentry, the furniture must sport a firm structure and regular appearance. The wooden pieces must be joined tightly sans any flaw and the surface must be flat and smooth. The doors and drawers of the furniture should work freely and smoothly. For carvings, the design must be nice and have a clear arrangement. The carved lines must be exquisite and the contours must be symmetrical and have a smooth surface. For paintings, the surface of the wood must be smooth and even sans any spots. The joins must be smoothly painted or else they can split easily.

Water content

All types of solid wood are known to contract and expand with changes in temperature and rosewood is no different. The water content of the wood is a major factor to consider while choosing rosewood furniture. If the wood hasn’t been treated with a drying process or didn’t reach the stipulated water content standard, the furniture won’t be able to adapt itself to variations in temperature. This will cause the furniture to split, shrink or become loose easily. Besides, if the wood has been used to mount a painting, the same may fall off. The color of the painting would fade as well. The acceptable standard for water content in wood is 15 per cent, though is some dry areas, it’s higher.

Keep the above points in mind and you won’t bet duped while buying Indian rosewood furniture.