Buying the Perfect Cat Tree

Buying the Perfect Cat Tree

Having trouble deciding what type of cat tree to purchase? By taking a little time to assess you and your cat’s needs, finding the ideal piece of cat furniture for your home will be easy.

Ask yourself these 3 simple questions. First, how many cats do you have? Second, what instinctual behaviors do you notice being played out the most? Finally, where are you going to put it? It is important to do some research before you buy. Even though it is for your feline, it is not much different than deciding on your own personal furniture. Well constructed cat trees might be a little more costly but the better quality it is, the more abuse it can take, and the longer it will last.

If a home has multiple cats, it would be a good idea to get more than one piece of cat furniture. With that said, it does not mean they have to be identical. Offering your kitties a variety of play structures will make their indoor life a whole lot more exciting. With the numerous options cat trees can have, you can mix and match to create different and unique pieces of feline furniture. Cabins, ladders, scratching posts, and hanging toys are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to available options.

Is your cat a scratcher? Are your walls looking rough and the arms of you sofa in shreds? Cat trees can have multiple scratching posts for your cat to do his thing. The natural sisal material that is commonly used has a smell and texture kitties can’t resist. Many feline owners do not realize that scratching is a way to mark territory. By giving him a place of his very own, your cat will be happy to claim the feline friendly structure as his and leave your stuff alone.

The excuse that cat furniture can be an eyesore is no longer legitimate. With the infinite style options available it easy to fit cat focused furniture into any room of the house and can even be quite a fashion statement. Size of the room is important to consider when choosing the right piece of cat furniture. You can buy a cat tree that reaches the ceiling and sprawls across the floor and although your cat would love it, it is important to find one that will work within the space you have available. Many are surprised about how hard it is to choose their cat tree design when they see all the options available. With all the mix and match features, never ending fabric options, and styles that coordinate with any home d?�cor, cat trees have stepped up their game. As a result they are becoming more of a commonplace in cat owners’ homes. People who have already made their pet furniture purchase will tell you the hardest part was deciding which one to buy.