Elements Of A Comfortable And Modern Bedroom

Elements Of A Comfortable And Modern Bedroom

You spend one third of your life sleeping, and that too for most of the time in your own bed, so it makes sense to have the perfect bed and bedroom to let you relax and rest your body. The elements that you need to keep in mind while planning your bedroom, are discussed below.

A bedroom must let you to relax, unwind and rest. It is like a haven from the hustle of the daily grind, and you are the architect of the haven. This means you have to create a perfect bedroom not only for yourself but also for your partner. consider the choices of both you and your partner while sorting these elements for your bedroom.

Choose the right bed – Your bed must not be too large to take up the entire floor space, nor should it be uncomfortably small for you and your partner. So, when getting the bed, you must lie on it to see if it is too soft, too hard, or just right. Try lying on your back, and feel the way your body is adjusting to it. One small test to judge whether the bed is too hard or soft is to try to move about while lying on it, if you can slide around easily without exerting much pressure, then the bed is hard, but if it gives in under your pressure, then it is too soft. Try to sleep on your side and other sleeping positions, this will give you a true idea about the bed’s comfort. Always take your partner along and both of you must choose the bed together, so that a bed suitable to both is chosen.

Choose the right storage furniture – Do not have too many storage items, shoe racks, writing table, drawers in your bedroom. Choose each piece of furniture wisely. Make your storage clean, neat and not bulky. Choose beds with built-in drawers that will give you lots of space, you can also choose storage beds with hydraulic covers that give plenty of space to keep quilts etc. Choose a built in cabinet, and place the chest of drawers below the mirror, so that you have a place to keep your jewelery box. Avoid picking furniture that would make your bedroom small.

Choose good lighting – Your bedroom must have lighting that is relaxing and perfect for every mood, whether you come back home after a good day or a bad one.

Choose soothing color paints for the walls – Bedroom walls must be painted in soothing and relaxing colors, that will make you sleep easily, and not distract you. Remember that the color you choose for the walls also has an impact on the look of the room, and can make a room appear bigger or smaller.

Choose matching bedding and linen – Once the tone of the walls is set, then you must get bedding, curtains and other linen to match the walls, or be in a striking contrast to the wall color.

Keep all these points in mind when you set out to decorate your bedroom. Research well online, on the various trends prevailing in the contemporary bedroom furniture. Try to get your design sensibilities match your budget and you will have the bedroom you always wanted!