Outdoor Metal Patio Seating at Coffee Shops

Outdoor Metal Patio Seating at Coffee Shops

If you own a small coffee shop or restaurant, and you can get the local planning commission to allow you to put tables and chairs outside, that makes a lot of sense. Now then the question is what type of tables and chairs should you put out for people to sit on? It does matter, because it affects the ambience of the customer who you are trying to pull in. Let’s stop and talk about coffee shops and outdoor patio seating for a moment.

Out in California, Starbucks has gone to metal outdoor seating because it is easier to clean, and it doesn’t stain from people who spill Frappachinos, or their lattes on the furniture. Also, it is easier to lock everything up and chain it together at night, without ruining it. Further they have found furniture which is powder-coated in a dark gunmetal gray.

There is a challenge with this however, and that is in the very hot regions of our country in places like Florida, New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, and the deserts of California in the summertime the outdoor patio furniture is too hot to sit on especially when everyone is wearing shorts, bathing suit tops, or thin T-shirts. This means that people get their skin burned, and even if the patio furniture is not too hot, it looks like it is, so therefore they don’t sit down. Thus, it defeats the purpose.

If they were to use wood furniture, it would be hard to clean, it would stain and the birds would do their thing onto it, thus making it uninviting to sit on. If you own a small coffee shop, or a restaurant, and wish to put outdoor patio seating, you need to be thinking along these lines so you don’t make a mistake, that your furniture is comfortable enough for people to come and sit down on, and that the ambience is just right. And of course you need to get a good price.

What I suggest you do first is to go online and look up patio furniture. Use a color printer and print out the furniture you like best, and then stand outside of your restaurant or coffee shop in the parking lot perhaps, and hold up the furniture picture that you’ve chosen with your store in the background. See if it matches the ambience you have in mind for your most valuable customers. If you do that, you are less likely to make a mistake, and you will have award-winning patio furniture, just what you are looking for. Please consider all this.