Pine Furniture Care – The Main Points

Pine Furniture Care – The Main Points

The wood used to make pine furniture is a naturally ‘soft’ wood and as such will react to changes in temperature and humidity. Each piece of furniture will have it’s own knots and small cracks called shakes together with other small defects. These are completely natural irregularities that are always found in pine furniture and give each piece it’s own individual look.

Care of Pine Furniture:

1.Do not use strong cleaning agents such as ammonia or detergent on the wood, these will damage the colour and texture of the surface. It’s best to simply apply a coat of wax every few months on well used surfaces to preserve the appearance and protect the surface.

2.To clean, just wipe over with a dry or very slightly damp lint free cloth. Spills from liquids with a strong colour such as red wine or coffee should be wiped up immediately.

3.It is important to use mats to avoid heat marks from cups or mugs containing hot drinks and hot serving dishes. The type supplied with felt backs are recommended to avoid scratching of the furniture.

4.Most accidental marks can be removed by gently rubbing some wax in using a fine grade wire wool or by simply applying wax with a cloth.

5.Try to avoid placing the furniture next to or near excessive heat sources such as radiators or fires or in damp areas. Pine will expand in a damp environment and shrink or crack when subjected to heat. Even direct sunlight can cause the colour to deteriorate or in the worst cases, surfaces will crack.

6.When moving pine furniture, always lift and carry to the new position. Dragging causes pressure on the joints which will in time part as well as loosen any nuts, bolts or pegs.

7.Dust the furniture on a regular basis or the dust will combine with moisture and form a crust on the surface which will lead to discolouration.