Purchasing the Right Accent Table

Purchasing the Right Accent Table

The best thing about an accent table is how unique each one is. Accent tables are perfect for adding a little bit of style, elegance, or whatever type of air your space needs. An accent table can be stylish, modern, contemporary, classic, or antique, and it often provides the best solution for adding some additional personality to your room. Of course before you go shopping for an accent table, there are several things to keep in mind.

Style and Shape

The two most important features of an accent table are the style and shape. Falling in love with a beautiful contemporary accent table does you no good if the rest of the furniture in your house is in a classical style. Just think about the style of the other furnishings in your home and try to find an accent table that falls in line with them.

Shape is equally as important for accent tables because it has the power to drastically change the feel of a room. An accent table that is more square than rounded gives a very angular look to a room. It will look a bit strange with certain pieces of furniture that focus more on curves. An ultra-modern accent table that features zig zag lines will lend a completely different air to a room than an antique-looking gilded metal table. Just spend some time thinking about your space and consider what kind of statement you need the table to make.


Another important aspect of an accent table is color. Lighter woods can look amazing when mixed with darker woods in other pieces of furniture, and a white wood table can really make black wood furniture stand out. Remember that an accent table is all about drawing the eye and making a dramatic effect, so avoid tables that blend into your other furniture.

Style Tips

The real trick to choosing a table that stands out and compliments your other furniture is to find one that matches while still offering a unique perspective on the room. Avoid mixing styles of furniture, but find other things to mix up, like colors of wood. In some cases, you may have the most amazing piece of art that needs a simple table to show it off. In this case, a plain table that blends into the furniture may be the only exception to the rule. This will allow the artwork to shine.

Also remember that tables meant to work as an accent feature many not always be entirely functional. This means that the purpose of the table may be to act as a space filler to draw the eye into something interesting rather than allowing your gaze to be swallowed inside an empty and boring room. This type of table can be used as an end table or even a table that goes right in the middle of the room. There are so many different things you can do with this type of table that you will not understand why you didn’t think of it before.

Shopping for the Perfect Table

Just remember that finding the perfect table is always a matter of perspective. It may take some work to find the perfect piece to fill the void in your space. Some shoppers find it helpful to carry a picture of the space around with them as they try to find the perfect accent piece. Just remember to measure the space that is available to you before you go shopping. This will ensure that you don’t fall in love with a piece that is simply too big or too small for the type of effect you want to make.