Top 5 Tips For Buying Native American Southwest Decor Art

Top 5 Tips For Buying Native American Southwest Decor Art

Native American art is a big part of the Southwest decor. Artwork such as this has very rich colors, beautiful designs, and images that represent that represent the various tribes. One of the great things about western style art such as this is that the natives use natural or raw materials. Therefore, the colors you see come from vegetables, shellfish, and other interesting substances. You will also discover that southwest art has distinct shapes and patterns, often diamonds or arrowheads.

For hundreds of years, people in the United States have enjoyed the different types of art that come from the Native Americans. The Kokopelli is a wonderful representation of the types of artwork the Native American people create. Many times, this symbol is shown in a painting or figure, and speaks of the fertility god of the Native American people. The well known image of the popular Kokopelli is worshiped in today’s times, by Native Americans and used to decorate their yards and found in many paintings and dolls.

Authentic pieces of Native American art are wonderful heirlooms which may be passed down from one generation to another. There are many different art pieces that work extremely well within southwest decorating. There are many different types of art which may be incorporated into southwest decoor. They include sand paintings, Native American and certainly the popular Kachina doll, hand made pottery, woven rugs, crudely constructed baskets and many others.

1. Paying a little more and purchasing from the actual artist, will definitely be helpful especially if you desire to own a unique and authentic piece of Native American art. By understanding the background, you will know the care involved in the production of the piece of art as you look for a special way for it to fit into your southwestern decor. It is not necessary to over spend your budget when deciding to purchase a unique piece of art. Artists who have yet to become famous, many times produce beautiful one of a kind treasures, and in order to help their name become well known, they offer their work at very reasonable prices.

2. If you want to purchase a Kachina doll, basket, pottery, rug, etc to go with your Southwest decor, it would be worth learning about the construction and materials used. That way, you would be able to identify quality. A smart question to ask a specific artist is about their trademark. This will help to ensure that the piece you are about to purchase is actually authentic and Native American made.

3. To be sure you are buying an actual piece made by a member of a Native American tribe, its a good idea to do some research on the artist. Many times, if you make a purchase on line, you will be provided with all the item details such as the artist’s name and tribe as well as the date which the item was constructed. Other buyers may even be able to give their thoughts on purchasing from the seller in question. In order to truly appreciate the piece of art, you can learn more about the artist and the customs of the tribe from which he or she comes.

4. It is very important to make your purchases from a well known art dealer or artist. Almost without uncertainty, the art pieces used in Southwest decor, will offer both a number of certification and a guarantee. By following this practice, its a sure way for the buyer to know he is happy with his purchase and that the money may be returned if the item was broken in shipment.

5. In 1990, many were very pleased, due to the law being passed called The Indian Arts and Crafts Act. This helps to ensure that products stated as being made by Native Americans, really are. Its never fun to find out you have purchased something that was misrepresented. It is always so delightful to be able to display these authentic pieces of art in your home or office. A law was passed in 1990 which protects the buyer from thinking they are buying a true Indian produced product when in fact, it is just a look a-like.