Basic Bedroom Design Tips

Basic Bedroom Design Tips

In actual fact, it’s not as easy as one may think. You have to bear in mind that you have to find the right balance so as to create that perfect, relaxing surround or ambiance that will allow you to do the one thing bedrooms were designed for – sleep well.

On a more basic level, designing a bedroom can really be broken down into four distinct sections, namely light, space, layout and decor. Each one has their own particular reasons for getting right and below we will quickly touch on these.

When it comes to light, you are very obviously going to require as much of it (natural light, obviously) as you can get during the daytime. Ideally, a big window is just what is required and for when the sun goes down, the artificial light in the room will need to be just right, giving off the perfect ambiance.

Space is very important in any bedroom, and it is vital you know how much of it you have to work with when designing your room. The best way to do this would be to measure the dimensions of the room first, which will then enable you to quickly work out whether a particular piece of furniture will fit. There are lots of space-saving ideas for those individuals who only have small bedrooms – mounted shelving and under bed storage are just a couple of ideas.

After space, layout is an important consideration. Although it may be well and good that the furniture you choose will fit into the bedroom, will it allow you to move around or maneuver? Will there be enough room, for example, to open the wardrobe doors? Would the (double) bed be accessible from both sides? Make sure the layout is functional as well as aesthetically nice.

The decor of the room is more to do with personal taste than anything else, but it can “make or break” a bedroom in terms of comfortable, relaxing surroundings. Use color schemes that work well in tandem or if you are “challenged” in the color scheme department, stay with the more neutral tones; this way you will never go wrong.

The above are just very briefly touching on the basic aspects of designing a bedroom and are there just to give you the first sparks of an idea. How you eventually design the room will depend largely on personal taste and what you class as something that can relax you whilst in the room.