Display Cases – Increasing Your Sales Through Dramatic Marketing Displays

Display Cases – Increasing Your Sales Through Dramatic Marketing Displays

Whether you own a bakery, jewelry store, or retail outlet, display cases can offer a valuable way to increase your sales while protecting your valuable merchandise. Placing a display case at a strategic location in your business establishment can help display difficult to see items that might otherwise go unnoticed. Display cases come in a variety of sizes including large floor mounted units, upright towers, hanging cases, portable cases and even small single item units.

Items on Display

Retailers understand that today’s savvy shopper wants to see the item up close before they make a purchase. When you have small items such as jewelry, bakery goods, knickknacks, and other collectibles it is important to give a clear and direct line of sight viewing of the merchandise you wish to sell. Numerous cases are crafted with well-lit interiors that use fluorescent light bulbs, halogen bulbs and LED lighting. These impressive lighting scenarios tend to offer full illumination to the merchandise and help increase its dramatic appeal.

Buying on Impulse

Many shoppers purchase items based solely on impulse. In a bakery, the shopper may see a cake, sweet roll or loaf of bread in a display case that looks delicious, and make a value added purchase based solely on impulse. A customer in a jewelry store might see a small trinket in a well-lit display case that suits their fancy and make a purchase that might have otherwise gone unsold, simply because it would not have been seen.

Making the Adjustments

You can purchase a display case that is easy to adjust with simple shelving to provide a great amount of flexibility. This offers you the ability to display all items of varying sizes and shapes. Through quick adjustments, you can instantly transform your display case to accommodate the merchandise your business is currently selling. With adjustable shelves you can literally reconfigure the entire display case to suit any type of display you wish.

An Effective Marketing Tool

With the right type of display cases, even the small items can create an effective marketing impact. Smaller items do better in a smaller case, even if it is one that fits on the countertop, hangs on the wall or stands alone. By gathering really small items together in a small case, the customer’s response will generate a greater impact and provide the attention the merchandise needs to make a sale. Being able to display little items in a secured case helps guard against eager hands wanting to touch and lift your valuable merchandise.

You can find a large variety of cases on the Internet from dedicated websites that sell these types of products exclusively. Whether you are in the market for something that showcases your sports memorabilia, China collectibles, jewelry, or other valuables you will find the size, shape and style you are looking for with one simple search on the Internet. Numerous online companies sell their cases at greatly reduced prices and offer delivery directly to your retail establishment.