What to Sell On Amazon: Find Products to Sell On Amazon

You may scan Amazon products using the Product Database in the Jungle Scout Web App by filtering critical criteria like price, demand, anticipated sales, rating, seasonality, dimensions, and more. As you come across potential products, you can add them to the Product Tracker function and begin tracking sales activity, inventory, Best Seller Ranking, and pricing over time – something we recommend doing for a few weeks before deciding! Maintaining a close eye on this information will provide crucial insight into the product’s performance. You can visit Amazon Home for more information about Amazon products.

Know about Google Trends

Google Trends is an excellent free tool for keeping track of what people are interested in. Make it a habit to check Google Trends once a week or so to see if you can see any potential product ideas. Is gym equipment, for example, on the rise? You might want to look at this as the possibility of a sale.

Type a broad keyword into Google Trends to see how popular a topic is and whether it is growing upward or downward. You can also look up relevant themes, demographics, and queries for keyword research. Spend some time experimenting with this free tool and see what you can come up with.

What is Keyword Scout & Opportunity Finder?

They are two tools that can help you find what you’re looking for. Use Jungle Scout’s advanced capabilities to do more precise product research and locate low-competition, high-demand products. These tools make keyword and product research much more accessible.

Keyword Scout assists you in generating profitable and highly relevant keywords for your Amazon PPC ad campaigns and product listings. It will also determine how much per keyword you should spend to get to the first page.

Keep an eye on the latest consumer trends.

Consumers have been buying more groceries and cleaning products online and on Amazon since the start of COVID-19. While the recent success of these products may not surprise you, other product categories have witnessed spikes in interest throughout the pandemic, and astute Amazon sellers have followed and responded to that demand.

Cookware, puzzles, children’s games, home exercise equipment, and home office products, for example, have appealed to families and workers who are stuck at home and want to cook more, occupy their children, and so on.

As you can see from the data, profitable sellers can be found in any category on Amazon, so finding a niche or market with little competition will be difficult. But it will be well worth the effort!

Final thoughts

The results of your product study, the competitiveness of the sub-category, and the demand for the product will all influence which category you sell in. Allowing sentimentality to decide the category you sell in is a mistake. Allow the facts and demand to guide you in choosing a variety. To put it another way, don’t sell a product with many competitors and low demand just because you use it frequently.

After you’ve found the proper product, your profitability is determined by running your firm. Ensure you know how to do comprehensive product research, find high-quality products, negotiate price, provide a more excellent perceived value, execute effective PPC ads, and design an optimized website.