Why Bean Bag Chairs Are Dorm Room Essentials

Why Bean Bag Chairs Are Dorm Room Essentials

If you are heading to college or if you have a child preparing to leave, you are probably trying to decide what to pack. Most dorms already have a bed, desk and dresser but you still have room for a small piece of furniture to make the space cozier. Well, nothing will make the space more stylish, comfortable and inviting than foam bean bags.

Minimal Space Required

These are perfect pieces of furniture for a dorm room because smaller ones take up barely any space. You can literally stuff them in the corner or squeeze yours in the narrow area between your bed and the wall and then pull it out when you’re ready to use it.

Bean bag chairs are designed to adapt to shapes so even if you do have to put it in a corner, it will expand to its regular shape when you pull it away. Then when you are using it, you can place it anywhere in the room because it’s easily picked up or dragged without ruining the floor.


You are going to need comfortable seating if you are going to stay up all night studying. Traditional chairs or even sitting on your bed and slouching over will lead to back aches, neck strain and headaches. Who can concentrate with all these ailments? Bean bag chairs cradle your spine so they promote a better posture by offering just the right amount of support. When you move, the beans move so there is never an uncomfortable position. You may be surprised at how much longer you can study when you’re comfortable.


Foam bean bags are designed for abuse and made to last. They are not going to get worn out just because you sit on them for hours every night. Some are made to last a lifetime, others will simply need a bag of beans added once in a while. You may be quite surprised at how many years you end up having yours!

Bean bags are easy to clean too. Dorm-living usually amounts to soda, coffee, pizza and a lot of late night snacks which can result in spills and stains. Vinyl chairs are easily washed off with a mild cleanser however, you aren’t restricted to only vinyl choices. There are plenty of foam bean bags available that have removable, machine-washable covers so when you go home to do your laundry on the weekends, take the cover with you!


This may be the most budget-friendly seating you will find. Beanbags are available in many price ranges so if you are trying to decorate your dorm without spending every penny you made at your summer job, this is your perfect seating solution.