Designer Furniture – What is the Difference?

Designer Furniture – What is the Difference?

Have you ever wondered why some furniture has incredibly high prices? So high that your average Jane or Joe can’t afford these beautifully crafted item? Usually, the answer is the brand. Designer furniture might cost a lot more than your everyday table or chair, but its price can also be justified by many factors. Lets see which ones. Let’s look at some designer furniture now.

First of all, most furniture designers take time to make sure that their creations are unique, ergonomic and comfortable. The competition in this area is fierce, so they need to make sure that their products are the best available out there and are the most attractive to their customers. This is why those items might be more thought out and of course, expensive than your regular furniture pieces.

Also, the materials used are most of the time of better quality than those utilized in factories. Since companies create products in bulk and need high quantities of materials, they buy the cheapest they can get. Some designers, on the other hand make their creations themselves and need less materials but of better quality in order to appeal to their buyers.

To continue on this subject, handmade items logically cost more than factory made objects. Designers can take several days or weeks to simply create and finish one piece of furniture and this clearly affects their productivity and of course, the price.

This type of furniture is also usually more modern, creative and extravagant. Art is a form of expression and designers get to show who they are in their creations and make a name for themselves. Their work is unique and researched and takes more time to make, so the costs are visibly higher. Note that this job also takes special skills, depending on the type of furniture the designer is specialized in, and it requires a vast knowledge that not many people hold.

Next, there is the fact that while big companies make small profit on the thousands of items they sell, which quickly adds up, individuals who only sell a few products per year need to make the same profit. The consequence to this it that prices skyrocket for designer furniture.

These people, like any other artist, need to make a living out of their creations and therefore, they cost a lot more than something you would buy in a shop near you. It is important that they earn a steady income and if what they do is appreciated by others and someone is ready to pay extravagant prices for their products, then this is great, no?

Of course, at your local store, you can buy factory made furniture for a few hundred dollars very easily. Not everyone can afford big, modern designer furniture worth sometimes ten times as much as any other chair or table, but this is simply to acknowledge the fact that there is a reason why these prices are that high and hey, everyone can dream of those big vases or creative benches, right?